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When Goodbye is Too Hard | A Book Review on This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub

Title: This Time Tomorrow

Author: Emma Straub

Genre: Time Travel Fiction

Pages: 320

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Hi friends. I'm back with another hot take on the latest books I've read. This book was suggested to me because I enjoyed The Midnight Library so much. If I'm being completely honest, I actually read it last year. I started this post right after I finished, but it's been fermenting in the drafts for a bit. Because sometimes life comes at you fast, ya know? I've been taking on some new adventures lately and I have not been updating the blog as much as I should. I know, you're upset at me. I dont blame you. I won't make excuses; I'll just tell you that I will try my hardest to do better. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I have started a podcast with a good friend of mine (girlwiththepinkskimask) it's called Fiction and Friction. Not to be confused with the bookstore that has the exact same name (sorry). New episodes drop every Friday at midnight. You can tune in wherever you listen to podcasts. Click the picture to take you directly to the podcast website.

If you decide to listen, please be kind enough to leave us a review. Or send us a message on our Instagram or you can message me directly on my bookstagram account.

Anyway, back to the book at hand. The reviews on This Time Tomorrow are a bit of a mixed bag. People either really love it or really hate it, with very few in between. I absolutely loved it. In my opinion, it was a beautiful story written about a relationship between a girl and her father, plus the cover is cool too. Have you heard about it? If not, do not fret my pet. I'll tell you all about it.

On the eve of her 40th birthday, Alice’s life isn’t terrible. She likes her job, even if it isn’t exactly the one she expected. She’s happy with her apartment, her romantic status, her independence, and she adores her lifelong best friend. But her father is ailing, and it feels to her as if something is missing. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds herself back in 1996, reliving her 16th birthday.

But it isn’t just her adolescent body that shocks her, or seeing her high school crush, it’s her dad: the vital, charming, 40-something version of her father with whom she is reunited. Now armed with a new perspective on her own life and his, some past events take on new meaning. Is there anything that she would change if she could?

Like I said in the introduction, this is a beautiful story about the relationship between a daughter and her father. Alice is racing against the clock, trying to figure out a way to make her father live longer. Altering little decisions here and there to see if it changes the way the story ends. Each time, she ends up in the same spot. At her father's death bed, watching him in his last few hours of life.

I enjoyed the fact that Straub kept it realistic. realistic as you can get when you're involving time travel. There was no magical answer that fixed all of the problems. Instead, she was given a new perspective and given the opportunity to process things in her own time.

I see why people recommended this book after reading The Midnight Library. Similar life lessons learned in different ways. It did lag a little towards the middle of the story, but not enough to make me like the book less.

Read this if you like stories about relationships. Or if you like time travel (but not if you want a scientific explanation of time travel). Or if you are a shameless fan of The Midnight Library like I am. It's a little slower paced, but overall it has a beautiful message.

If you do decide to read it, please please PLEASE come find me and let me know what you think of it. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you DNF? I want to hear it all! Come find me on Instagram or Facebook. I'd love to hear from you!

Until then,

Happy Reading Babes! ❤


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