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Vacation Gone Wrong | A Book Review on The Missing by Kiersten Modglin

Author: Kiersten Modglin

Genre: Suspense

Page Count: 312

Rating: ❤❤❤


Hi friends. I'm back with yet another book I've read. This is another Kiersten Modglin book. Look, I promise I do read other authors. She just has a lot of titles and I get drawn to a lot of them. I like her work. Sue me. Anyway, other books by other authors will show up at some point. I promise. Matter of fact, the book I just started is one by a totally different author. So ha!

Anyway, finish rolling your eyes and bear with me here. I have another title by Kiersten Modglin, as you can see, it's called The Missing. When I interviewed Kiersten, I remembered her saying that this book was one she actually cried while writing and I hadn't read it yet so of course I was intrigued. Wanted to see if it would make ME cry.

It didn't.

But that's not to say that it was a bad book. I enjoyed it! There were a few things I didn't necessarily enjoy which we will discuss in a few minutes, but overall it was an entertaining read. I hate wasting my time on books. Which is probably why I've stuck to Kiersten's work lately. I know I am more than likely going to enjoy it in one way or another. Stick with what you know, right? Anyway, let's get into it.


Okay quick rundown from Amazon of what happens in this book: "5 strangers are abandoned on an island without any idea where they are or whom to trust.

Someone is lying.

Someone is hiding a terrible secret.

They'd all do anything to get home.

As the group tries to uncover the truth about their mysterious whereabouts, only one thing is for certain: every choice they make will impact the others.

The group finds a strange note with a chilling revelation that makes them question absolutely everything they thought they knew. If they want to get off the island and back to their lives, they'll have to discover who brought them there and why. Before it's too late."

My Thoughts

Sounds intense right? I thought so too! After reading the synopsis, I knew it was one I wanted to check out. So I whipped out my handy dandy kindle paperwhite (shout out to Amazon!) and I downloaded it from the kindle app. It didn't take me long to read when I was able to focus. Granted, there were a lot of things happening simultaneously in my personal life so I didn't have time to absorb it in the usual 2 days it takes me to read a Kiersten novel, but I did get through it quickly. That is one of the things I enjoy about her work. It's always an easy read. Whenever you have an afternoon or a day off, I suggest picking up on of her books and letting her twisted mind take you on a journey full of WTFs and "Wait...what just happened?" With that being said: let's talk about what I liked versus what I didn't like.

What I Didn't Like

Okay so first, I'm mad at all of the characters in this book. All of them, in one way or another, got on this mysterious boat with no thoughts of safety or possible dangers. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but seriously. If someone comes up to me during vacation and offers me a free boat ride, I'm going to be skeptical because who are you and what do you want from me? What's the catch? Where are you taking me? What time will I be home? Clearly this is the one time it pays to have trust issues.

Second, some of it was super dramatic. In the grand scheme of things, the situation WAS dramatic, sure. Especially for the ones trapped on the island. I get that, but at the same time I couldn't help but snicker at how some of the situations ended. Does that make me a horrible heartless person? It might. Judge ya mama, not me.

Third, the mastermind behind the whole thing. There was one spot where I THOUGHT we were looking at the life of the main character before she stupidly got on the boat. I spent the entire book thinking this, but apparently I was very much incorrect. I guess that's just the Kiersten Modglin twist for ya. It felt like it came out of absolutely nowhere. Definitely had to go back and read a little more to make sure I understood what was happening. Would have liked to know more about the mastermind and more specifically, why tf were they such a sicko?

What I Did Like

This was a very elaborate plot. For a second there, I was wondering how this was all going to wrap up. Couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how it would all end. The plot was a slow build. It allowed for the anxiety to steadily increase to the end. By the time I finished, I was skressed. You hear me?! SKRESSED, Chile. Couldn’t imagine being stuck in a situation like that. I turn into an absolute nightmare if I don‘t have air conditioning.

The ending. It was slightly far fetched if I’m being totally honest, but that doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed the way it ended. A little happiness in an otherwise incredibly dark situation.

The Missing is Booky Babe Approved! If you want a quick read that gives Lost vibes definitely grab this book here. You can get it directly from Kiersten's website or you can buy it on Amazon from the link provided here:

The Booky Babe is an Amazon Affiliate. Any books purchased using the links provided will allow me the opportunity to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Every little bit helps in making sure you guys continue to get the content you so desperately crave. 😉 Thanks in Advance.

So there you have it folks! Take an afternoon, grab this book and get to reading. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure. Once you're finished, don't forget to come back and tell me how you liked it. What were your thoughts? Would YOU have been able to service on an abandoned island? Can't wait to hear your opinion.

Until then, you know the drill.

Happy Reading Babes! ❤


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