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Ten Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Christmas gifts for book lovers

Shopping for Christmas Gifts Can Be Stressful

You're almost done Christmas shopping. You've been wracking your brain for months trying to figure out what to get your loved ones for Christmas and you're confident that everyone will love their gifts, but you've got one person left. Or maybe a few people, depending on how many like to read in your family. You've been combing through the millions of Amazon advertisements and you've spent hours on end on Etsy and TikTok Shop trying to find the most unique and thoughtful present for your book lover.

You're tempted to just get them a giftcard to a bookstore and call it a day. While that isn't necessarily a bad idea, if you're like my father in law and think that giftcards are way too impersonal for the people that you love most in your life, then look no further! You can stop pulling your hair out and groaning at your phone in frustration. I, the bookiest of book lovers, am here to help you out.

I've put together a quick list of things I've seen during my countless hours spent doom scrolling instead of working on my next novel or doing laundry or...literally anything else. Some of these things are presents that I secretly wish my own friends and family would get for me. I want the book gods to secretly whisper in their ears while they sleep and tell them exactly what to get me for the holidays.

Does that make me the book god in your situation? I'll say no, just because I don't like referring to myself as the god of anything. get it.

Anyway, let's quit rambling and get to it. I know why you're here and it's not to read my word vomit. 10 Things to get the book lover in your life.

1. Book Lamp

Tiffany Inspired Book Lamp for the Book lovers

This richly-hued Tiffany-style stained glass piece has been carefully soldered together to create a literary delight.

I saw the ad for this on Facebook from a website called BlueOrxy. I was skeptical at first about ordering from them, but I decided to give them a shot. The store itself is located in Wales, but there are shops on Etsy that sell something similar.

I can't speak to the ones on Etsy, even though I will include the links here and here so if you decide to order from these shops and it ends up not working out well, don't blame me. I ordered these two from BlueOrxy and they shipped a lot faster than I expected. The overall quality is decent. It's not stained glass, it's more so plastic and resin. The light is rather dim on these lamps unfortunately so don't expect to use them in the dark, but they make beautiful pieces in a library or in an office on a bookshelf.

2. Dope Art

Dope black art depicting that black girls read too

If your book lovers are anything like me, they enjoy artistic expression in other forms besides literary. If this is the case, why not get them an incredibly beautiful and unique digital portrait from Adrex Art Gallery on Etsy?

There are plenty of other galleries on etsy that have similar portraits, but this particular shop really caught my eye. Their entire collection is incredibly beautiful. Add a dope frame to this picture and you have a fun and unique gift that let's the book lover in your life know that you find them beautiful.

You can get this specific print and others HERE


Presents for bookish people

What better gift to give someone who loves to read than a dope bookmark? I only get my bookmarks from N'Spired Creations because the customer service is beyond incredible and you can get the bookmarks personalized!

The shop has other personalized gifts that can make amazing stocking stuffers or gift bag contents. Not to mention, this store is black owned and operated. We love to see it.

Tis the season to support small businesses, falalalalalalalala. You can take a look through the Etsy shop to see what kind of gift you'd like to give to your bookish bae. There are a ton of bookmarks, notebooks, and keychains to choose from. Shop HERE.

4. Kindle Stickers

stickers for kindle readers

Now if you've been anywhere near a book themed group on Facebook or the bookish side of Tik Tok (referred to as Booktok) then you'll probably have seen people flashing their kindles with the newest stickers.

Most of them are dealing with the fact that the girlies are out here reading smut 24/7. You'll see acronyms like STFUATTDLAGG (do NOT ask me what it means because I won't be responsible for covering your mind in filth😂)

You'll find other kindle stickers but these are what's popular. And if you're shaking your head and thinking to yourself "Noooo, she is a good girl. She wouldn't be out here reading such dirty material" then I'd hate to burst your bubble, but 90% of what's in her kindle should not be read out loud or in public. Take a look through these stickers and grab a few for her kindle.

Shop HERE.

Also, if you know of any black owned kindle sticker shops, please send them my way. I'd love to add them to the list.

5. Bookish Candle

Candles for heavy readers

I love candles. If I'm being honest, I love most things that smell good. Candles, bodywash, air fresheners, soaps, perfumes, and whatever else has a pleasant smell to it.

Bath and Body Works has seen way too much of my paycheck, but that is a story for another blog post.

If the bookish person in your life loves candles almost as much (if not more) as they love reading, combine the two and get them a candle that is book themed. I saw these at Barnes and Noble while I was wandering around in the store touching as many books as I could get my hands on, but they are sold on Etsy and Amazon and all those other places as well. You'll also find some in your independent bookstores. Grab a candle, light it up, and enjoy the good smells while you dive into a good story.


6. Reading Journal

Gifts for black women who read

Any book enthusiast will tell you that they HAVE to keep track of their reading goals for the year. It's important, it cannot be ignored, you MUST keep track.

Some people keep track through Goodreads or Storygraph while others prefer to keep a physical reading journal near by so they can write in it and give a quick little summary about the book they read. For those people that love the physical copies, grab them a reading journal.

There are so many different kinds out there: Floral, Colorful, Plain, Guided, Not all depends on what their preference is. I liked this one because it has a gorgeous cover. If there is one thing you'll learn about me the longer you stick around, it's that I get easily distracted by pretty things. If a book has a pretty cover then I am immediately sold. Even though I end up being disappointed afterwards if the story didn't live up to the cover.

It seems I am no different with reading journals. I saw a pretty cover and I went for it. Judge ya mama don't judge me. Shop HERE

7. The Memory Concierge by Lauren W. Roach

Book about Alzheimers disease

Okay. Shameless plug time. I wrote a book back in November called The Memory Concierge. I wrote it because there were so many people close to me that were dealing with Alzhiemer's Disease in one way or another.

What they don't really talk about in the movies and books that deal with Alzhiemer's is the anger and resentment that can bubble up towards the family member that was diagnosed. Even if they can't help it. The person you've known for your entire life is gone and in their place is a sick and confused shell of who they used to be.

I wanted to write a story that not only shed light on what the person with the disease could be going through, but also what the people around them are going through as well. I wanted them to know that I see them. I see their pain and I stand with them while they struggled to cope with their new reality.

Overall it is a story about love and loss. It's got a little splash of mystery with an unexpected twist. If your book lover is looking for a new genre to try or they want to support new authors, why not give my book a try? It's available in paperback and Ebook. If they have Kindle Unlimited they can also read it up there. Support black authors.


8. Bookish Apparel

Bookish apparel for Christmas gifts

What better way to surprise your book lover this Christmas than by giving them some bookish apparel? This design is one of my favorites and honestly, I want it on everything.

The design was created by Nicole Falls, a black romance author. You can find her on Twitter and you can find her stuff on her website.

Currently this design comes in a few different colors. It also comes on a sweatshirt so they can wear it when it's chilly out. I am not 100% sure, but I do think it will be available on other articles of clothing soon. We shall see.


9. Book Box Subscriptions

Black owned book box subscriptions

Book subscriptions are some of my favorite things about being in the literary world. Quite a few exist with more popping up each day, but one of my absolute favorites is BLACKLIT.

The BlackLit box includes a new book by a Black Author with discussion questions, a t-shirt by a Black Designer, and 3-5 products from other black owned businesses. So not only do you get to try out an author you may have ever heard of, you get to try some products as well! It's a great way to support black owned businesses and expand your reading habits all in one. You can sign up for a recurring subscription or you can get a singular box.


10. A Home Library Bundle

Black owned library

Give the gift of a beautiful home library! Brave and Kind Books is a Black-Owned Company that curates home libraries! Isn't that dope?

A gift for the book lover who doesn't have quite enough books to be considered a library and doesn't want to do all of the shopping themselves.

Like a stylist, but for books!

You can choose between a 25, 50, or 100-book bundle and the brand will set up a consultation to get an idea of the types of books you want to add to your home library. According to their website, the choices are bursting with beautiful illustrations, classic books, award winning authors, and hidden treasure authors you'll love forever.

Once the order is placed and the consultation is scheduled, you'll receive your order in two to three weeks. Give this gift and you'll be the talk of the family for sure!



So there you go! Now you can find something fun to give the book lover in your life and support a few small businesses in the process. It's a win win I'd say.



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