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Lauren's Library - Piper CJ, Benefits of Audiobooks, Bruno pt. 2

Lauren's Library Podcast

Hi everyone! Welcome to the blog post version of Lauren's Library! In this episode that dropped TUH-DAY I am going over the drama with the Piper CJ book, I will be talking about the Benefits of Audiobooks, and I'll be reading the second installment of the short story I wrote called Bruno.

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Podcast black women will enjoy

So, you may have actually seen this book in stores. I know I spotted it in Target and Barnes and Nobles long before I knew the tea behind the scenes. Of course, at the time, I didn't pay much attention to it because it wasn't in my usual genre. Now I'm honestly tempted to read it, but I most likely won't.

Piper CJ is a famous Tik Toker. At the time of my research, she had 1 million followers on the platform. I'm sure she has more now. Her content is centered around the masters degree she obtained in Folklore. Until today, I wasn't even aware that a degree in folklore existed.

Anyway, her content frequently gives lessons on fairies, mermaids, magic (etc. etc.) (ps. call me crazy, but I do believe in Mermaids and I ain't shamed! Don't judge me. Judge ya mama,) So, Piper CJ allegedly decides to write a book called The Night and Its Moon. She wrote the entire book in 6 days (roughly 20,000 words a day).

She did not get the book professionally edited before publishing through Amazon because at the time, she didn't have the resources to pay for it. She allegedly claimed that she didn't think anyone would read it anyway. She heavily promotes the book on her tik tok and asks her followers to read it. In a now deleted video, she asks for 10 ARC readers and got 550 requests.

In her video, she jokes that she won't accept any negative feedback because she is not in the space to hear it. Lol MOOD. I wish I could ignore negative feedback whenever I wasn't in the space to hear it. I would make sure I was NEVER in the space for it. NEVAAAAA.

When the book released, it was riddled with errors. Errors galore. Sentence structure errors, continuity errors, and spelling errors. The fan and fellow tik toker that supposedly edited the book, sees a 2 star Goodreads review and then Piper CJ and the editor both go on a rampage and harass this poor reviewer. Even though over all, the review wasn't bad. It was constructive and helpful, but remember, she was not in the space for negative feedback of any kind.

After all of the drama about this book circulated, Sourcebooks picked it up and had it traditionally published. Which is a wild business model in my very humble opinion. Anyway, I do go into a little more detail about the story on the actual podcast if you want to listen instead of read.

podcast for black authors and readers

BIPOC authors and readers

The age-old question: do audiobooks count as reading? I am here to tell you YES. Audiobooks absolutely count as reading and just like regular books, they have their pros and cons. I will admit I have only recently become an audiobook fan. I figured I would talk about them in this section to save others from suffering my same fate and wasting time doing other things when they could be listening to audiobooks. There are quite a few benefits but I'll only list a few here. For the rest of them, you can tune into the episode.

Audiobooks reduce negative thinking. If you're like me and struggle with anxiety and depression, then audiobooks can actually help. An article in Psychology Today says that people who struggle with anxiety and depression can benefit from having someone read to them. It allows them to replace the negative thoughts with something else. Even if it is just temporary.

Audiobooks can help relax your eyeholes. You spend most of your days looking at a screen. Let's be honest. If you're not working a job that requires some use of a computer screen, then you're watching television or scrolling on your phone. This can lead to blurred vision and eye strain. In order to mitigate that, audiobooks can let you rest your eyeholes by reading with your earholes instead.

Audiobooks can improve time management. We all hate chores. Or maybe it's just me. I hate chores, but adulting requires that you do them otherwise they won't get done. When you do chores while listening to an audiobook it helps the time go by faster and it also makes the chore itself less miserable. Because who wants to fold laundry? No one. No one wants to fold laundry.

Overall, audiobooks have a lot of great benefits. So anyone that tries to tell you that audiobooks don't count as reading? I'M LOOKING DIRECTLY AT YOU, MOTHER. Then punch them right between the eyes, so they'll have no choice but to use audiobooks since their eyes will be swollen shut.

I'm kidding. Don't do that. DO NOT.

Podcasts for Black Women

Black Women Read Too

This section is going to be part two of my Bruno story. The full (rough draft) version is here on the blog. I'll link it so you can read it if you want to look at the pictures and stuff that I included.

It's available HERE

Or you can click on the podcast and listen to the audiobook version. *eyebrow wriggle* see what I did there?

I am super proud of this story, even though it was inspired from a Disney story. Lauren's Library...ruining your childhood one Disney story at a time. I am interested in doing some more deranged Disney retellings. We shall see. The Grimm Brothers versions were always more interesting to me. Does that make me weird?


Anyway, thank you guys for tuning in to episode 2 of Lauren's Library however you consumed. Via the podcast or this blog post. I am super grateful for the support. Make sure you rate and review this podcast on whatever platform you’re using. You can leave me a message on the Instagram Page dedicated to the Podcast. . I love to talk about books! You can also find me posting detailed reviews on The Booky Babe Instagram. Basically, if you want to say hello there are multiple ways to contact me. Take your pick, but one way or another I will talk to you soon. Thank you so much for tuning in!

Happy Reading, Friends! ❤

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