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About Me

Hello. Hi. Hey there. My name is Lauren Roach and I'm a puppy obsessed, book reading, true crime enthusiast that wants to become a writer. I own this website that you're currently on. I was hatched in Long Island, New York but I reside in North Carolina. I have been here since I was a baby, but I'm a city girl in my head. 

Growing up, I have always loved writing and reading. While most kids were outside getting fresh air, I was sitting comfortably in the air conditioning reading a book or writing fan fictions for whatever music artist I was crushing on at the time. 

Momentarily I took my head out of the fiction books and put it in the school books. I earned my Bachelors AND my Masters degree in Criminal Justice. I had dreams of being a criminal profiler until I came to the crushing realization that the process is literally nothing like the show. I'm also way too scary to be about that life. No thanks. I'll stick to reading about it. 

Currently, I am living in North Carolina with my wonderful husband of a little over a year and finally realizing my dream of becoming a writer. Join me on this journey, if you'd like. 

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